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Now it’s time to talk with people who interact with your child and have helpful insights. That includes pediatricians, educators, and caregivers. Here are ideas for how to have those conversations.

How to talk with...

  • Kara Ball, Teacher

    “I want to help you, whether that is resources, guidance, or just simply to be a lending ear for any concerns that you might have about your child.”

  • Dr. Kristin Carothers, Psychologist

    “Each person brings their own unique perspective and background to the table when we discuss learning and thinking differences.”

  • Dr. Nerissa Bauer, Pediatrician

    “Pediatricians are here not only to monitor your child’s physical growth, but also their social, emotional development and their attention and learning.”

  • Marcia Kusnyer, Caregiver

    “Your child may be sharing, dropping some clues that maybe I can pick up on that you are not seeing as easily.”

Conversation tips for talking with...

Practice: Talk

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