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Now that you know more, try to engage your child in conversation. It can be hard to talk about challenges. But it’s also a relief for many kids and helps them build self-awareness.

How to engage

  1. Find a time when your child is able to have this conversation. Be reassuring. Kids need to know they’re not in trouble and haven’t done anything wrong.

  2. Tell your child you’d like to talk about how things are going. Talk about some of the strengths you’ve seen. Then bring up your concerns.

  3. Ask if there’s anything your child wants to share. Give plenty of quiet time to think and different ways to share, like writing or drawing.

  4. Thank your child for sharing. It’s also fine if your child isn’t ready to talk. Just make it clear that you’re always there to listen.


Now it’s time to talk with your child. Do this activity together. Invite your child to click their responses on the screen or say them aloud for you to click.

Ask your child: I’d like to find some time to talk about some of your strengths and challenges. Is now a good time for you?


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