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Get Understood updates, expert insights, personal stories, partnership announcements and more and iHeartMedia launch “Wired Differently” radio campaign to empower the 70 million people in the U.S. with learning and thinking differences

Image is partnering with iHeartMedia to launch Wired Differently. This national radio campaign celebrates neurodiversity by creating a positive and understanding environment for people with learning and thinking differences like ADHD and dyslexia.

Some of us are wired differently. But we can all thrive with the right support. The Wired Differently campaign guides people on a journey to understand and embrace differences. 

Wired Differently also has public service announcements driving to the campaign website at The website offers resources for people navigating learning and thinking differences.

People can explore three key areas: finding answers, finding community, and discovering what thriving means to them.

Finding answers

The first phase of the campaign (June 2023) is about finding answers while embracing neurodivergence. It encourages parents and caregivers to talk with pediatricians about challenges they’re seeing in their child that could be related to learning and thinking differences. 

Pediatricians are often the most trusted source of information for families experiencing challenges. Families often schedule annual visits to the pediatrician during the summer break, creating an opportunity to connect. To help families begin talking with their pediatricians — and other important adults in their child’s life — partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics to create a Conversation Starter Toolkit. It can be found at

Finding community

The second phase of the campaign (August 2023) is about finding community. Isolation can be a challenge for families whose kids have learning and thinking differences. To connect with other families with similar experiences, iHeartMedia listeners can join the vibrant community on Wunder by Understood®. On this free, first-of-its-kind app, families can find a supportive network and share their stories.

Discovering what thriving looks like

The final phase of the campaign (October 2023) is about thriving. As part of Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, the campaign celebrates neurodiversity through storytelling about role models with learning and thinking differences. Storytelling is a powerful tool for changing attitudes, grounded in behavioral science. Together, and iHeartMedia will present differences as a strength — empowering individuals, increasing empathy, and reducing stigma around learning and thinking differences. 

“Twenty percent of our population have learning and thinking differences like ADHD or dyslexia, but most Americans don’t have a clear understanding of these conditions,” said Nathan Friedman,’s co-president and chief marketing officer. “By partnering with iHeartMedia, which reaches 9 out of 10 Americans every month, the Wired Differently campaign can share credible information and expert-backed resources so they can better comprehend these differences.”

“iHeart is committed to serving the full diversity of our country, and addressing the critical needs of our listeners is integral to our mission,” said Jessica King, iHeart’s senior vice president of communications and community engagement. “Learning and thinking differences impact millions of people — either directly or through their loved ones. And this campaign is intended to empower those individuals to seek help while also rallying communities to understand and celebrate the differences that make us all unique.”

The Wired Differently campaign is part of the ongoing commitment of iHeartMedia and to empower people with learning and thinking differences to unlock their full potential. Through this campaign, both organizations hope to create a more equitable and understanding world for people with differences.

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