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We are excited to announce that has revamped its homepage!

With the redesigned homepage, we aim to elevate the user experience by increasing accessibility and ease of navigation. 

For first-time visitors and returning users, the homepage is a gateway to the vast resources and information available on A visually appealing layout and intuitive navigation help newcomers quickly find what they are looking for. Prominent sections highlight popular resources, like our content library and Wunder app, allowing visitors to dive right into what matters most to them.

With this new homepage, strives to provide a more engaging and accessible experience for all users. This enhanced user experience will foster a deeper connection between and its users, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and understanding.

Read on to learn what Jenny Ng, senior product designer, says about the redesign.

What was the primary goal of the homepage redesign?

Our primary goal in redesigning the homepage was to better communicate the work that Understood does. We also aim to ensure that our users, potential partners, and supporters can easily find what they need. The new homepage acts as a clear reflection of our organization’s mission, presenting a narrative that defines who we are, what we do, and who we serve. We want to demonstrate Understood’s commitment to providing valuable support for individuals with learning and thinking differences. Users can access a diverse range of resources for their specific needs — from our vast library of content and tools to podcasts, expert advice, and behavioral health exercises available on our Wunder app. Moreover, potential partners are invited to see the impact our organization has made, opening doors for collaborative efforts to advance our shared mission.

How did you incorporate user feedback into the new design?

User feedback is crucial to our design process, as our primary focus is always on serving their needs and reducing user friction. Alongside insights from our analytics and user research team efforts, we carefully collected feedback from our users to understand their pain points and preferences.

Can you share specific examples of how the new homepage improves the user experience?

In the old design, we learned from users that it wasn’t immediately clear which topics we cover. To address this, we made it a priority to show learning and thinking differences, such as ADHD and dyslexia right up front. This allows users to quickly find resources relevant to them and dive deeper on their own terms. We also aimed to showcase the impactful outcomes of Understood’s work directly on the homepage. By providing access to our annual report, visitors can gain insight into the tangible results of our efforts. We hope that this transparency will not only inform visitors about our achievements but also inspire potential partners to join us in shaping the world for difference. prioritizes having an accessible website; how does this come to life on the new homepage?

Our team is committed to making our website accessible to as many users as possible. We prioritize design features that are user-friendly and ensure individuals with varying needs can navigate the website comfortably, on any device. This includes using simple language, incorporating high contrast and readability, and ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies. We even have a dark mode! Additionally, we offer content in both English and Spanish to cater to a diverse audience. Our goal is to create an inclusive experience where everyone feels welcome and can easily find what they need from our homepage.

We hope you like the new homepage! Check it out here: 

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