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When a student is struggling, you need parents to be your partner. Take N.O.T.E.® is a free tool that can help.

As an educator, you know students get the best support when teachers and parents work together. Imagine if families gathered information on what they’re seeing at home the way you do when you see challenges at school.

Take N.O.T.E. is a free tool you can share with families so they can track their child’s behavior and bring that information back to you.

How Take N.O.T.E.® works

The tool takes parents through a four-step process, so they can start to make sense of what’s happening with their child.

  • Notice if there’s something going on with their child that’s out of the ordinary.

  • Observe and keep track of patterns.

  • Talk with other people who can help support their child, like pediatricians, teachers, and other caregivers.

  • Engage their child to get information and explore options for what to do next.

How this helps teachers

Share the tool with parents. Let them know that the more information you have, the easier it’ll be to work with them to help their child.

See for yourself how Take N.O.T.E. works, and share it with parents.

Ready to get started?

Download your free educators’ packet, including conversations starters and a Take N.O.T.E. handout to share with families.

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